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Dikson DSM Hair Protein Ampoule, 10 * 10 ml

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A unique biological preparation with placental and plant extracts. Ampoule biologically active therapeutic treatment for blocking hair loss and stimulating the growth of healthy, beautiful hair.

It has a tonic effect on both hair and scalp, improves the quality of the hair shaft and eliminates dandruff. The result is noticeable already in the second week of use. An irreplaceable product for the treatment of alopecia of various origins.

Active ingredients - animal placenta extract contains growth factors that stimulate dormant cells of the growth zone of the hair follicle and the regeneration of damaged scalp cells. Contains specific proteins, antioxidants, antibacterial compounds and peptides that stimulate immune cells. This complex leads to a rejuvenation of the hair and scalp structures.

Composition: AQVA - PVP water - stabilizer used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. PEG 40 Hydrolyzed Castor Oil is extremely effective for treating dry, brittle and damaged hair. Using oil can help restore hair as the oil provides a moisturizing effect to the hair and scalp. This moisture easily penetrates deep into the pores, right down to the hair roots, ensuring long-term, thorough hydration of the hair and scalp. Glycerin - Glycerin - moisturizer, retains moisture, softens the skin Polisorbate 20 - Polysorbate - emulsifier and solubilizer (mixing water and oils without the formation of emulsions) Propilene glycol is a popular moisturizer (a component that helps to draw moisture from the air into the skin), as well as an enhancer absorption, also found in many cosmetics. Nettle Extract (Urtica Dioica Extract, Stinging Nettle, etc.) is a natural ingredient. There are contraindications. The extract is widely used in cosmetics as a regenerating, toning, stimulating, anti-inflammatory, healing, vitaminizing additive in skin and hair care products: shampoos, anti-dandruff lotions and to strengthen hair, in cleansing and toning facial lotions, creams for oily skin, bath foams. Hydrolyzed wheat protein are protein molecules (proteins) that have been chemically processed to make them smaller and water-soluble for easier penetration into hair and skin. These substances have effective conditioning properties for hair and skin, strengthen hair well, penetrating into it and filling voids, and reduce skin irritation caused by surfactants. Pepper extract (CAPSICUM FRUTESCENS FRUIT EXTRACT) - Cayenne pepper (chili) is considered one of the most powerful herbal stimulants and is used to accelerate the process of cell regeneration in the body, especially in case of frostbite. Its fruits contain the alkaloid capsaicin, fatty and essential oils, capsanthin, steroid saponins, phytoncides, wax, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, P. In addition, it contains piperidine and havicin. Cayenne pepper extract provides a warming effect, improves blood circulation and accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissues. Also contains glycosides and burning substances, enhances microcirculation, activates metabolism and accelerates the breakdown of fat. It is used in compositions for skin care, hair care, foot care, massage and anti-cellulite products. Calcium Pantothenate (calcium pantothenate) - pantothenic acid or vitamin B5, calcium salt D (+) is used as a remedy for various pathological conditions when metabolic processes are disturbed, with eczema, allergic reactions, dermatitis, etc., as well as with paresthesia, trophic ulcers, burns, Stimulates the production of corticosteroids and improves regeneration processes. Therapeutic effect in cosmetics: activates metabolic processes, processes of recovery, improvement, protection from skin damage, reducing skin soreness, has healing properties, reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions. Cocoyl hydrolyzed silk - moisturizer. Due to their mild yet effective moisture-retaining properties, they are effective when used as moisturizers in cosmetics for skin and hair without causing excessive dryness in low humidity. Silk proteins easily settle on the surface of the hair and skin, forming a light protective film, practically without weighing it down. Thanks to this, the hair acquires shine, volume and manageability, and electrification (antistatic) decreases. On the skin, silk proteins (Hydrolyzed Silk) have a nourishing and healing effect, as well as give it elasticity. They help to heal wounds, scars, and smooth wrinkles. Protects against harmful environmental influences, regulates the level of melanin in the skin. Also, silk proteins can exhibit antioxidant properties on the skin and help stimulate the activity of hair follicles, providing the bulb with useful substances. 

Silk proteins can be used in conditioners, shampoos, hair dyes and damaged hair repair systems, providing elasticity and hydration to hair. Panthenol (panthenol) - from it in the skin, hair under the influence of biological oxidation, vitamin B5 is obtained, which is called pantothenic acid. It has antibacterial properties, moisturizes and retains moisture, nourishes and softens hair and scalp. Hydrolyzed Placental Protein (Placental hydrolyzate) is a unique concentrate of active substances and antioxidants of animal origin that protect the skin from age-related changes, strengthen and maintain the vitality of skin cells, regulate its metabolic processes and water balance. Placenta hydrolyzate is widely used in cosmetology and pharmacology. Contains highly active peptides, amino acids, mucopolysaccharides, hyaluronic and nucleic acids, trace elements. Cosmetics based on placenta hydrolyzate have, in addition to moisturizing, nourishing, wrinkle-smoothing action, also powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, regenerative, stimulating, wound healing, resorbing and removing effects. The main feature of placental hydrolyzate is the ability to hydrate the middle and deep layers of the dermis, which leads to a significant reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and smoothing out existing ones, activates cellular respiration, accelerates metabolic and reproductive processes in the cells of the hair follicle, plays a role in the process of collagen synthesis. Phenxyethanol Phenoxyethanol or Phenoxyethanol is a chemical component that is used in dermatological products. Firstly, it is a powerful antibacterial agent, a good antiseptic. With its help, natural antiseptic substances such as, for example, chamomile, sage receive good support, and the whole composition provides the skin with good protection against harmful bacteria. Another purpose of phenoxyethalnol is to preserve the chemical formula of a cosmetic product. In other words, it is a preservative that also interacts with other substances in this group. Parfum (Fragrance) flavoring (musk compounds).

Method of application: Do not wash off! Apply in partings to cleanly washed hair and spread over the scalp with intense massage movements. Application course: each shampoo 10 times in a row. for severe hair loss: every day for 1-1.5 months for seasonal hair loss: after each wash for 1-1.5 months to prevent hair loss or to stimulate hair growth: 1-2 times a week (after 1 wash) After the course must be taken a break of at least 1-2 months.

Action Medical, Restores, Regenerates, Moisturizes, Strengthens, Nourishes, Protects, Updates, Relieves irritation, Rekonstruiruet, Accelerates hair growth, Antibacterial, Regulates the water-fat balance of the skin
Additives Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamins, Wax, Glycerol, Panthenol, Placenta, Proteins
Application area Hair
Brand Registration Country Italy
Category For women
Cosmetics class Professional, Medical
Country Italy
Country of origin Italy
Features Leave
Hair type All hair types, Damaged hair, Blonde hair, Dry hair, Thin hair
Quantity per pack, pcs 10
Skin type For all types
Use To protect hair, For brittle hair, To nourish hair, For hair growth, For moisturizing hair, To strengthen hair, Anti-dandruff, For hair restoration
Volume 10 ml
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