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Dikson Structur Fort ampoule for the restoration of lifeless, 10 * 12 ml

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STRUCTUR FORT A preparation that restores hair structure, strengthens the roots (lactic acid - for bleached, thin hair and scalp) - Lipid cocktail for hair.

Lipids are important because they provide barrier properties to the epidermis, thereby preventing skin dehydration by increasing transepidermal water loss (TEWL).

Due to the stratum corneum of the epidermis and its intercellular lipid matrix, water and electrolytes are retained inside the body, and do not evaporate non-stop from its surface.

An instant ampoule for restoring lifeless, fine, split and weak hair.

The active ingredients restore the hair structure along the entire length, normalize the moisture level, soften and thicken the hair, cleanse the scalp, refresh and soothe it, and also have a pronounced antiseptic and wound healing effect, give the hair vitality and shine.

Acts directly on damaged areas of hair. Contains mineralizing additives. Helps stabilize the ideal physiological conditions of the skin, while also working against dandruff and oil.

Mode of application:

  1. rinse your hair with shampoo 2 times, rinse, squeeze out the water with a towel (select the shampoo according to the type of scalp and taking into account the condition of the hair along the length. Deep cleaning shampoo is not required !;
  2. Apply the contents of the ampoule to the hair and scalp. Distribute starting at the ends and rubbing into the scalp. Withstand up to 25 minutes, depending on the degree of hair damage;
  3. wash off with plenty of water; go to drying.

Recovery course 10 times, each wash. Prevention - once a week, 3-5 times.

Apply as needed or as a course. The course and frequency of application is determined by a specialist depending on the degree of hair damage. Result Hair looks well-groomed and shines like silk. Luxurious volume and reliable protection from external influences, the time between styling increases (the scalp becomes greasy more slowly).

Action Normalizes fat balance, Eliminates excessive oiliness, Updates, Heals, Regulates the water-fat balance of the skin, Medical, Restores, Regenerates, Strengthens, Nourishes, Protects
Additives Keratin, Collagen
Application area Hair, Scalp
Brand Registration Country Italy
Category For women
Cosmetics class Professional, Medical, Elite
Country Italy
Country of origin Italy
Hair type Greasy hair, Damaged hair, Dry hair, Thin hair
Quantity per pack, pcs 10
Skin type Dry
Use For hair restoration, To protect hair, For hair ends, For brittle hair, To nourish hair, For hair growth, For moisturizing hair, To strengthen hair, From hair loss, Anti-dandruff
Volume 12 ml
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