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Mask for all hair types Insight Anti-Frizz Hydrating Mask, 500 ml (8029352353505)

Product code: 53505

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Mask for all hair types Insight Anti-Frizz Hydrating Mask – intensive treatment for curly hair. Makes hair healthy from outside and does not burden them. After application the hair becomes smooth, shiny and manageable.

Active ingredients:

  • Biological extract of flax effectively restores the hair structure and increases its elasticity. Natural amplifier of hair, oxidizer, which makes hair healthy from outside and does not burden them.
  • Cocoa butter moisturizes, nourishes and effectively nourishes the hair, giving it a unique luster, softens, facilitating the laying and care, perfectly strengthens hair roots, preventing excessive hair loss. After application the hair becomes smooth, shiny and manageable.
  • Cottonseed oil — due to its content of nutrients is a real boon to strengthen hair and stimulate their growth. This is a natural product protects hair from environmental aggression: high or very low humidity, UV exposure, extreme temperature changes, the action of toxic substances contained in the air and cosmetics. In addition, it moisturizes and nourishes the scalp and hair, restoring their structure.
  • Hemp oil — contains vitamin E, along with a high content of essential fatty acids. Provides soothing effect, prevents moisture loss in dry hair. Also, it may help prevent dry scalp and minimize irritation. In addition to strengthening the hair, protein in hemp oil, has emollient and water binding effect, gives hair a healthy and glossy look.

Composition: Biological extract of flax, cacao butter, cotton oil, hemp oil

Method of use: apply to wet hair, evenly distributed over the entire length. Leave for 5 — 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

The line of products cosmetics Insight (insight) does not contain sulfates, parabens, silicones, dyes, artificial flavors, oils and their smell does not cause allergies. Insight cosmetics not tested on animals and no animal ingredients. European countries have developed a number of rules and regulations, in strict accordance with the that cosmetics should be made, and there is a legislative framework for monitoring compliance with these rules and regulations.

Action Restores, Regenerates, Moisturizes, Nourishes
Additives Vitamin E
Application area Hair
Brand Registration Country Italy
Category For women
Cosmetics class Professional, Organic
Country Italy
Country of origin Italy
Features With vitamins
Hair type All hair types, Curly hair, Hard hair
Quantity per pack, pcs 1
Skin type Dry, For all types
Use For hair restoration, For easy combing, To nourish hair, For moisturizing hair
Volume 500 ml
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