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Dikson Pappa Reale Hair Repair Complex, 10 * 10 ml

Product code: 150100

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Skin normalization - oiliness, dandruff, chemical and physical damage, as well as TREATMENT OF HAIR LOSS, incl. PREGNANCY - P.R.25 PAPPA REALE During pregnancy or lactation, it is important to use a minimum of chemicals! But what is to be done? Indeed, it is during this period that the hair falls out especially chill, becomes brittle and grows poorly! There is a way out - soothing lotion in ampoules for hair growth, strengthening and stopping hair loss PR25! The lotion also effectively removes redness and irritation after chemical procedures!

Recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers! Lotion with toning and stimulating effect based on natural royal jelly for fine hair prone to hair loss.

The product is ideal for the care of thin, prone to hair loss, as well as for the restoration of dry scalp after stress and sunburn. Perfectly solves the problem of flaking and vitamin deficiency of the scalp, improves microcirculation. Suspends all types of hair loss (except genetically determined), is ideal for preventing hair loss and is suitable for young mothers during the nursing period, because does not contain hormonal and synthetic additives.

Packing box with ampoules 10 pcs. 10 ml.

Active ingredients:

  • Royal jelly is an effective biostimulant, one of the most active and valuable products of honey production. Its biological value is explained by the high content of proteins, amino acids, lipids and phospholipids, sugars, organic acids, enzymes, vitamins C and D, trace elements, mineral salts of potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, copper, cobalt, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, antibacterial agents, pollen and wax. Well softens, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, stimulates water-salt and lipid metabolism in epidermal cells, has a regenerating and cleansing effect. Relieves signs of inflammation and irritation. Provides adequate nutrition to the hair follicles.
  • Camphor has a pronounced antiseptic and wound healing effect, refreshes, cleanses and soothes even the most severe scalp irritation.

Method of application: Do not wash off! Apply in partings to cleanly washed hair and spread over the scalp with intense massage movements. The course of application is determined by a specialist, depending on the problem being solved, but it is always carried out with a decrease. Recommended course for hair loss: Course of application: each shampooing 10 times in a row. for severe hair loss: every day for 1-1.5 months for seasonal hair loss: after each wash for 1-1.5 months to prevent hair loss or to stimulate hair growth: 1-2 times a week (after 1 wash) After the course must be taken a break of at least 1-2 months.

Action Cleans, Rekonstruiruet, Accelerates hair growth, Regulates the water-fat balance of the skin, Medical, Restores, Regenerates, Moisturizes, Strengthens, Nourishes, Protects, Normalizes fat balance, Soothes, Eliminates excessive oiliness, Updates, Tones the scalp, Softens, Relieves irritation
Additives Vitamin C, Vitamins
Application area Scalp
Brand Registration Country Italy
Category For women
Cosmetics class Professional, Medical
Country Italy
Country of origin Italy
Features Leave
Hair type All hair types, Damaged hair, Dry hair
Quantity per pack, pcs 10
Skin type Dry, For all types, Combined
Use For hair restoration, To protect hair, For brittle hair, For hair cleansing, To nourish hair, For hair growth, For moisturizing hair, To strengthen hair, From hair loss, Anti-dandruff
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Volume 10 ml
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