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Ampoules for hair loss Dikson Ristrutturante, 12 * 12 ml

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Restructuring complex in ampoules (kerotin, silk proteins-damaged hair, inflamed scalp) - for damaged, dense and porous hair - lipid hair cocktail.

Packing: box with ampoules 12 pcs. 12 ml each.

Recovery course 12 times, each wash. Prevention - once a week, 3-5 times.

Active ingredients: restore the structure, fills the voids inside the hair, normalize the level of moisture, thickens and thickens the hair, refreshes and soothes the scalp, and also has a pronounced antiseptic and wound healing effect. Due to the content of certain substances associated with the protein structure of the hair, it acts directly on the damaged areas, helping to restore the physiological balance of natural hair. Performs an effective protective action, untangles and softens; ideal both after the use of alkaline treatments (dyes, perm, bleaching, etc.) as an adjuvant, and before an intensive protective effect.

Ingredients: Methoxyisopropanol - solvent, degreaser. Being moderately volatile, it improves the permeability of the components deep into the hair. Aqua is water. Alcohol denat is a denatured alcohol used as a degreasing agent. Lauryl alcohol - lauryl alcohol. Designed to soften hair and enhance penetration. Peg 15 Cetrimonium chloride-mixes impurities on the hair and scalp, making it easier to rinse off. It is recognized as a highly active caring biologically active substance that forms a protective smoothing film on the hair surface; in addition, it makes it easier to comb wet hair and prevents static electricity. Cetrimonium chloride is an antiseptic. It is widely used in hair conditioners and shampoos. Myristyl alcohol - Cetyl and cetearyl alcohol. In cosmetics, it is used to: Reduce the amount of foam formed, or completely prevent its appearance. It is used mainly in creams and hair balms, active ingredients in antimicrobial preparations, added to tighten pores or as hemostatic, natural or synthetic substances that give cosmetics a pleasant smell, are used to dissolve and mix ingredients together, increase the fluidity of cosmetics without significantly lowering the concentration active ingredients. Lactic acid - lactic acid - removes dead cells, moisturizes, softens, moisturizes and protects against free radicals (strengthens the lipid layer). Lactic acid activates the production of hyaluronic acid. It also increases elasticity and accelerates regeneration. Another useful property of lactic acid is its ability to strengthen the barrier properties of the skin, promoting the production of ceramides, which together with cholesterol and fatty acids form a lipid layer, due to which the skin loses less moisture and better resists the influence of external negative factors. However, water-saving mechanisms work not only on the surface, in the epidermis, but also deeper - in the dermis. Lactic acid has a stimulating effect on the special cells of this layer of the skin - fibroblasts, which increases the synthesis of hyaluronic acid - a substance that actively attracts moisture and plays the role of a natural filler that supports skin turgor. This leads to an improvement in its elasticity and smoothing Methyl salicylate - Methyl salicylate (Methylii salicylas) - methyl ester of salicylic acid. - Used externally as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent. Methyl salicylate was isolated as the main component from vintegrain oil and cherry birch essential oil. As part of these oils, the widespread medical use of methyl salicylate was started. Parfum - fragrance (musk compounds) Benzyl salicylate - Absorb ultraviolet rays, fragrance.

Method of application: 1) rinse hair with shampoo, wring out with a towel; 2) apply the contents of the ampoule to the hair and scalp. Beat until firm. Leave for 5 - 25 minutes, depending on the degree of hair damage. On thin hair, keep for no more than 10 minutes; 3) wash off with plenty of water; go to drying. Apply as needed or as a course. The course and frequency of application is determined by a specialist depending on the degree of hair damage. Result: The hydrolipid balance is restored, and the hair looks silky and shiny.

Action Medical, Restores, Regenerates, Moisturizes, Strengthens, Nourishes, Normalizes fat balance, Detangles, Soothes, Updates, Softens, Relieves irritation, Antiseptic, Heals, Regulates the water-fat balance of the skin
Additives Keratin, Proteins
Application area Hair, Scalp
Brand Registration Country Italy
Category For women
Cosmetics class Professional, Medical
Country Italy
Country of origin Italy
Hair type Damaged hair, Textured
Quantity per pack, pcs 12
Skin type For all types, Combined
Use For easy combing, For brittle hair, To nourish hair, For smoothing hair, To soften hair, For moisturizing hair, To strengthen hair
Volume 12 ml
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