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Raw almonds Organic Eco-Product, 350 g

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Organic Eco-Product raw almonds are a source of omega-3, polyunsaturated fatty acid, protein, fiber, vitamins, magnesium, calcium and melatonin. This nut is preferred by athletes and people who are fond of raw food.

Beneficial features:

  • the content in a handful of almonds is 1/8 of the daily value of protein, especially useful for raw foodists and vegetarians, due to the rejection of animal protein.
  • daily use in a small amount of raw almonds - lowers cholesterol levels,
  • the use of almonds (as well as any other nut) - will reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases,
  • The vitamin E content of almonds reduces the formation of wrinkles and protects against heart disease.
  • The source of magnesium, calcium and melatonin in raw almonds makes them indispensable for good sleep.

Application area:

- almonds in cooking:

  • confectionery (macaroons, caramel cakes), by adding nut mass to baked goods,
  • almond butter (as an alternative to high fat peanut butter)
  • making marzipan (a mixture of ground almonds with sugar syrup), praline (ground almonds fried in sugar), nougat and macaroon.
  • when preparing salads, as well as fish and meat dishes.

- almond nut in cosmetology:

  • for hair (almonds contain vitamin B, zinc, iron, niacin, riboflavin and vitamin E).

Nutritional value of the product per 100 grams:

  • PROTEINS, G - 21.22
  • FATS, G - 49.42
  • ENERGY VALUE, kJ - 2405

Ingredients: 100% raw almonds.

Storage conditions: in dry, clean, well-ventilated warehouses, not infected with pests of grain stocks, at temperatures below 20C and relative humidity not higher than 75%.

Expiration date: 6 months.

Brand Registration Country Ukraine
Features GMO free, Glutamate free, No flavoring, No preservatives, With vitamins, Vegetarian, Low carb, No dyes, Sugarless, Diet
Nut type Almond
Packaging Paper, Craft paper
Producing country Ukraine
Treatment type Raw
Weight 350 g
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