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Cold pressed grape seed oil Organic Eco-Product, 500 ml

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Organic Eco-Product cold-pressed grape seed oil retains all useful properties since high temperature conditions are not used in its production. Cold pressing ensures maximum preservation of trace elements useful for the human body. The price of such grape seed oil is somewhat higher, but at the same time it is suitable not only for eating, it can be used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes.

Properties of grape seed oil:

Cold-pressed oil retains a record amount of vitamin E and polyunsaturated acids, but it is valued for other reasons. Grape seed extract contains natural flavones (natural antioxidant). Once in the human body, they have the ability to bind toxins accumulated in cells and remove them along with waste products.

Scientists have proven that regular consumption of foods rich in antioxidants reduces the risk of developing neoplasms, stimulates the immune system, and slows down the aging process. The oil has an anti-inflammatory, regenerating effect.

Helps with:

  • burns
  • allergic itch
  • rashes
  • age-related changes (loss of tone)
  • acne
  • hyperpigmentation

Scope of grape seed oil:

  • trichologists recommend using a blend of grape seed, capsicum and mustard oils for hair loss.
  • it is recommended to use this product regularly for food, it has no contraindications and does not cause allergic reactions. The use of oil is allowed for diabetics and people with sensitive digestion. This oil has a good effect on intestinal motility, helps with exacerbations of peptic ulcer and gastritis.
  • in cosmetology: for beautiful ladies, grape seed oil will replace a number of expensive salon skin care products. In winter, it can be used as a regular cream for the face, hands and body, it will relieve the skin of excessive dryness, peeling and chapping. It can be applied to the hair in its pure form to get rid of split ends. Rub into cuticles, apply as a massage

Nutritional value of the product per 100 grams:

  • PROTEINS, G - 0
  • FATS, G - 99.9
  • ENERGY VALUE, Kcal - 899

Ingredients: 100% grape seed oil, unrefined, first cold pressed.

Storage conditions: Store tightly closed, in a cool and dry place, protected from light.

Expiration date: 6 months.

Brand Registration Country Ukraine
Features GMO free, Glutamate free, No flavoring, No preservatives
Packaging Plastic
Producing country Ukraine
Type Unrefined, Cold pressed, First spin
View Grape seed
Volume, l 0.5
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