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Hydrophilic oil - what is it? And why everyone has been talking about him lately ...

An oil such as hydrophilic does not exist in nature, such as macadamia oil or sunflower oil.

Hydrophilic oil is the conventional name for a mixture of various oils that are water soluble in contact with water.

Hydrophilic oil perfectly copes with the need to cleanse the skin from everyday pollution: either simply as a means for washing, or after applying makeup and final deep cleaning and moisturizing of the skin.

In its composition, hydrophilic oil usually contains a complex of various oils and vitamins.

The Korean company MOREMO has in its range hydrophilic oil for deep cleansing of the skin.

Moremo It’s Magic Cleansing Hydrophilic Oil - Wipes off traces of tiredness and aging. More details here.